We offer a simple and transparent pricing plan which has no hidden fees:
2% per successful transaction;
+1% for International cards, EMI and Amex;
No setup fees;
No Annual maintenance charges;
GST applicable of 18% on the transaction fee.
You may refer here for pricing plans.
To be more specific, on domestic transactions, we levy a 2% Transaction charge + 0.36% GST* = 2.36% per successful transaction.
On International / AMEX / EMI transactions, we levy a 3% Transaction charge + 0.54 % GST* = 3.54%.
Please note GST of 18% is applicable on the transaction charge and not on the entire payment amount. For example, if a customer pays INR 100.00. The fees of INR 2.36 (2.36%) would be deducted and you would receive INR 97.64 as per your settlement cycle.