Boarding Manager

Easy Merchant On-Boarding

Boarding Manager enables seamless merchant on-boarding process and facilitates applying to multiple banks simultaneously.

Our Boarding Manager provides both

  • An inbuilt User Interface and
  • API for integrating your custom interface

Merchant Application Form

Boarding Manager captures and saves complete merchant information using a single form, and uses the same to facilitate quick application to multiple acquirers.

  • Flexible – Create application packages for multiple acquirers based on your requirements.
  • Swift – Merchants have to provide their information only once even when applying to multiple acquirers.

Bank Specific MAF

Our Boarding Manager is capable of adding new bank forms based on the Partner requirements. By selecting a specific bank from our partner interface you will get a tailor-made query with only the fields required for the selected acquirer.

  • Flexible – Add new bank forms as per your requirement.
  • Dynamic field allocation – Merchant only needs to fill specific details required for the selected bank rather than all the details requested by different banks.

Speed Option

Our Boarding Manager also provides a Speed Option for quick on-boarding of small merchants with minimal input to start processing.

This is very useful in case of the Payment Facilitator Model.


MAF Integration API

  • Online input verification, with a short response time.
  • Versatile – Can be integrated with various technical platforms based on partner requirement.
  • Merchant forms on the partner’s website can be easily integrated with our solution.