Pay In By Link & QR

Generate and share the payment link or QR via email, Whatsapp, SMS or any communication medium to get paid immediately.


Manage Payment Link through
Web & App

INVOIZR simplifies managing invoices ( payment links ) as per your comfort through a mobile app and web interface.


Create invoice

Share Invoice

Share Invoice

Re-generate invoice

Re-generate invoice

Copy Invoice

Copy Invoice

Cancel invoice

Cancel invoice

Send Reminder

Send Reminder through email or SMS or both.

Merchant App

Simple merchant app to Generate, Share, Cancel and Regenerate the payment links (invoices)  to their customers.

Virtual Checkout to collect payment from customers without touching the customer’s card.

Pay By Link Flow

Pay By QR Code

White Label Invoizr

The INVOIZR app can be customized to match your brand identity in every way possible.

Upload INVOIZER on App Store and Play Store with your brand name. 

Integrated Web Interface

PAYMENTZ platform provides invoicing solutions both as a mobile app, INVOIZER, and as a web module, enabling the merchant to access the details as per their needs even on the go. Our invoicing solution can be used both on-field and in the office.

Split Invoice with Friends

Split amount among friends and share the separate invoice to each friend so that each one can pay their own part.

Itemized Invoice with Tax Support

Create itemized invoices as per your product and service list. The INVOIZR makes it very easy to update your product list even while creating an invoice.  

Security & Compliance

INVOIZR ensures all your and customer data is treated with sensitivity and is always secure on the platform.
  • Secured Payment links
    • Checks based on E-mail ID & Mobile No
    • Use of C-token and security key
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant APIs
  • JWT Authentication for all APIs
  • OTP-based Signup from App

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