Risk Tracker

Risk Tracker – Monitoring Rules

PAYMENTZ Risk Tracker or Merchant Monitoring System helps you to detect, analyze and manage transaction, behavior and habits of the merchants and the cardholders based on a number of pre-defined monitoring rules in the system.

Default monitoring rules are defined as per the guidelines provided by VISA and MasterCard. These include:

  • Transaction Monitoring
    • Card Velocity, High Amount, Ticket Size etc.
  • Chargebacks & Refund Monitoring
    • Volume Ratio, Count Ratio, Refund Ratio, etc.
  • Sales Monitoring
    • Actual Sales ratio, Foreign Sales, Pending Authorization, etc.

Risk Tracker – Configurable Monitoring Rules

All the risk monitoring rules are fully configurable. You can define & configure:

  • Frequency – Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Thresholds – Alert Threshold, Suspension Threshold
  • Department wise alerts

Risk Tracker – Monitoring Graphs

Real time monitoring graphs for each frequency Daily, Weekly and Monthly to give better control of your Merchant performance.

The platform provides real time monitoring graphs for each frequency, that is Daily, Weekly and Monthly, to give you a precise view on Merchant performance.


Risk Tracker – Alerts and Reports

Alerts and reports for each monitoring rule can be configured and be sent to different departments of Merchant and Partner like Sale, Chargeback etc.

Alerts and reports can also be configured to be sent out based on a pre-defined frequency for each monitoring rule including daily, weekly or monthly.


Risk Tracker – Auto and Manual Suspension

Using Risk Tracker you can define different thresholds for alerts and auto suspension of merchant accounts for each of the monitoring rule in the system.