White label Mobile Wallet System

One of the quickest ways to launch the Mobile Wallet Business is using Paymentz White Label Wallet Platform.

It provides various features like – Load Money, Send Money, Receive Money, Purchase from Market Place, Transaction History, Activity Log.

It works on all Android & iOS devices.

A light weight Mobile-App that takes up little storage space of the customer’s Mobile device

Customer and/or Merchant can initiate refund request directly between them through Request Money feature eliminating any risk of Chargeback.

Electronically transfer money from Customer to Customer, Customer to Merchant, Merchant to Merchant, Merchant to Customer

Fully White Label Mobile App. Available within 1 day of affiliation.

Integrated Mobile Market Place

Merchants can register with our Wallet System and start uploading the Products / Services on the Marketplace integrated with the Wallet System.

Comprehensive Product Life Cycle Management including support for Bulk Product upload Features for Merchants

Offers & Discounts Management on Products and Code based Purchase for your customers

API based Wallet System for easy integration with your existing Mobile Marketplace

Inbuilt Sales Reports


In-built loyalty Program

You can setup Loyalty Programs by defining structure for your Loyalty Reward Points. These Points will be allotted to Consumers and Merchants based on various Wallet operations they will perform.


Supports for Multiple Currencies

Customers & Merchants can select their preferred currencies

Inbuilt Currency Rates Management System

Wallet Owner Can set currency Conversion Rates to facilitates dynamic currency conversions while transferring money from a wallet account to another.


Available in Multi lingual

Mobile Apps for all iOS and Android devices supports multiple languages including English, German, Portuguese, and Hindi by default. Others can be added based on custom requirements.


QR CODE Technology

Each Wallet User by default will be allocated by unique QR CODE.

Transfer can be initiated by scanning the QR Code allotted to the recipient.


Wallet Owner Web Interface

Wallet Users Management through Web based Interface for Wallet Owner.

Options to set up Loyalty System, Currency Conversions and their associated Rates and other numerous settings for Wallet Owner


In-built Payment Gateway

Paymentz provides unique solution for invoicing where merchant can raise invoice to their customers and get paid online. Merchant can Generate, Share, Cancel and Regenerate the invoices. They can also send reminder to their customers through e-Mail or SMS.


Security & Compliance

Mobile App & the Wallet System are PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant. They use strong TLS 1.2 Protocol & related Security certificates.