Seamless Payout to Anyone

Instant credit in a bank account or UPI handle, send in bulk, create own flow with our APIs.


Payout Options

Different Payout options
available as per your choice

Single Payout

API and interface to process the payout instantly using NEFT/RTGS/UPI

Bulk Payout

Option to bulk upload payout in Excel Format and payout will be processed to user account instantly.

Send Money as per Your Business Needs

Payroll Disbursement

No delays due to bank unavailability. Now just upload a file at your convenience and disburse employee payroll at a click.

Vendor Payout

Goodbye to troubles managing Vendor Payouts. We have made it super easy, simply upload a file using bulk payouts.

Loan Disbursal

Instant loan disbursal with zero wait time for financial organizations to disburse loans to consumers and businesses 24*7.

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