Refund process involved several factors and processes due to which sometimes it may take longer to get the refund credited in your account. We advise to wait for 10-12 working days for the refund to get credited.

Once the merchant initiates the refund, a confirmation email is sent to your email ID (the email ID that was used at the time of transaction). This means that the refund is successful from our end.

You may check the status of the refund using the PAYMENTZ payment ID or refund ID.

If you have not received a confirmation, we suggest that you contact the merchant for further details, as the refunds are initiated from merchant’s end.

Normally refunds are credited to you within 10-12 working days.In case you have not received your refund, you can raise your query using our ticketing system or you can send the request on our support email. With your request please provide your email id, refund amount and transaction ID received from the merchant and we will get back to you at the earliest.